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  • Pregakem Pregnancy Test Kit

    Information about Pregakem Pregnancy Detection Test Kit
    Pregakem Pregnancy Detection Kit contains:
    – One test device (card) – For pregnancy detection
    – One dropper- For collecting the urine sample
    – One silica gel pouch – Helps to keep the test device moisture free and safe from degradation

    Pregakem Pregnancy Detection Kit helps to confirm pregnancy by detecting the presence of pregnancy hormone human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) in the urine produced by the body during pregnancy.

    Salient features of Pregakem Pregnancy Detection Kit:
    – Quick and easy way to confirm pregnancy detection
    – Allows self-confirming pregnancy in 5 minutes

    How to use:
    – Collect urine sample (preferably first urine in the morning)
    – Put three drops of urine (using dropper given in the kit) into the sample well “S” on the card
    – Read the results within 5 minutes

    Observe the result window for the appearance of lines and interpret the result as:
    1) Positive: If two distinct pink/red lines appear in the result window marked ‘T’ & ‘C’ on the card
    2) Negative: If only one pink/red line appears in the result window marked ‘C’ on the card
    3) Invalid: If no line appears in the result window or if one pink line appears in the result window marked ‘T’ on the card. It is recommended to repeat the test
    4) If the test result is Negative, there are chances that the period has been miscalculated. Wait for one week and repeat the test

    – Pregnancy detection

    Safety information:
    – Read the label/information leaflet carefully before
    – Keep out of the reach and sight of children

  • Pregline Pregnancy Test Kit

    Information about Pregline Pregnancy Test Kit
    Pregline Test Kit Device is a is a very simple strip that lets you know your pregnancy status by testing urine. It works by detecting the presence of ?CG?ormone in agglutinating sera reagent strip.

    Pregline Test Kit Features:
    Instant, accurate and reliable results
    One-step and easy to use
    Detects pregnancy even if the hCG level is as low as 20mlU/l

    Pregline test kit contains 1 test device, 1 dropper and 1 desiccant.

    Test Results:
    A POSITIVE Urine hCG means that the woman is pregnant.
    A NEGATIVE Urine hCG means that the woman is NOT pregnant.

    If the result is positive, consult a gynecologist.If no band appears, it possibly suggests you have low of Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (hCG), the pregnancy hormone. In such conditions, you must repeat the test after 72 hours.After use, discard the kit.

    Pregline test kit device can be used as pregnancy self-test kit which can be performed in your home. The hCG rapid tests are easy to use and give a visual, qualitative results.

    Use under medical supervision.

  • Velocit Pregnancy Test Kit

    Information about Velocit Pregnancy Test Kit
    Product information:
    Velocit Pregnancy Test Kit helps in quick detection of pregnancy by diagnosing hCG in urine.

    Key ingredients/ contents of Velocit Pregnancy Test Kit:
    Contains one Test device ( card for one-time use only), one Dropper, one desiccant (moisture absorbing pouch) not required for the test and a user information leaflet.

    Key benefits/uses of Velocit pregnancy test kit:
    – Used for quick pregnancy detection test.

    Just add 3 drops of urine (preferably first sample of the morning) into the sample well (S). Read the result within 5 minutes and discard the device.
    Interpret the results as:
    – Test positive: Two purple lines at both Test (T) and Control (C)
    – Test negative: Only one purple line at the Control region (C)
    – Invalid: No lines in Control (C) and repeat the test with the fresh device.

    Pregnancy detection

    Safety information:
    Read the label carefully before use. Keep out of the reach and sight of the children.

    Use under medical supervision.

  • I Can Pregnancy Test Kit

    Information about i-Can Pregnancy Test Kit
    i-Can Pregnancy Test Kit includes:
    – Single-use pregnancy detection strip (1 unit)
    – Test device (1 unit)
    – Disposable dropper (1 unit)

    Key benefits/uses of i-Can Pregnancy Test Kit:
    – The pregnancy test measures the amount of the hormone human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG), which is produced in pregnancy.
    – The pregnancy test detects the presence of hCG in urine.
    – The i-can pregnancy test is 99% accurate provided the test is performed properly.

    How to use:
    – Collect the first urine sample in a clean and dry container early morning
    – See two markings on the test strip named “C” (Control) and “T” (Test)
    – Put three drops of urine on the strip
    – Wait for 5 minutes to obtain the results

    How to read the results:
    1) Positive result: Two pink coloured lines along ‘T’ and ‘C’, indicates positive result
    2) Negative result: One pink coloured line along “C” indicates negative result
    3) Invalid result: No coloured line on the strip indicates invalid test

    Safety information:
    – For external use only
    – Read the instruction leaflet/label carefully before use
    – Keep out of the reach and sight of children


    I Can Pregnancy Test Kit

  • Prega News Pregnancy Test Kit

    Product Highlights

    Helps to detect HCG content

    Easy to use

    Can be used at home


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