• Keya Seth UV Guard Umbrella Powder (SPF 50)

    Umbrella Sunscreen Powder SPF 50 is a powder based broad – spectrum sunscreen covering both Ultraviolet A & B radiations both cause severe damage & diseases. Therefore, regular use of Umbrella Sunscreen Powder SPF 50 gives you long term protection from Suntan, Sunburn, Sun Allergy, Premature Aging and even Skin Cancer. Further, Umbrella Sunscreen Powder SPF 50 seals the open pores of the skin surface and brings instant liveliness and glow to the skin.


    Apply sufficient quantity of Umbrella Sunscreen Powder SPF 50 lightly on face, neck, hands and other exposed areas of the body at least 30 minutes before exposure to sun or heat generated by fire that includes cooking.
    UV Guard Umbrella Powder – SPF 50, PA+++ has a rating of 4.9 stars based on 17 reviews.

  • Keya Seth UV Guard Umbrella Powder (SPF 25)

    This unique product contains talc, tinsorb M and oxide colour. It is a powder-based sunscreen which guards against sunburn, sun allergy and excessive secretion of the oil glands. It seals the open pores of the skin surface and brings instant liveliness and glow to skin.


    Apply it lightly on face, neck and the exposed areas of the body, especially before going out in the sun during the day and cooking, which exposes skin to the heat of fire.
    UV Guard Umbrella Powder – SPF 25, PA+++ has a rating of 4.9 stars based on 15 reviews.

  • Keya Seth Touch-N-Glow II Aqua solution 100 ml for Pigmentation and Freckles

    It is a combination of the essential oils of Citrus aurantia (bitter orange), Daucus carota (wild carrot), Cymbopogon martini (palmarosa), Ocimum basilicum (sweet basil) and Vetiveria zizanioides (vetiver or khus),It is an aqua-base solution with pH balance formula. It cleanses and nourishes skin along with toning and moisturizing it. Skin becomes firm, rejuvenated, bright and lively. It reduces sunburn, pigmentation and freckles. It is suitable for all types of skin.


    Use it twice a day. For better results half an hour after using it use Fair & Bright. Also use Fairy Pack thrice every week.

  • Keya Seth Tetra Skin Whitening Night Cream 15g

    Key Highlights

    Luxurious Complexion Rejuvenator
    Promotes even and brighter skin tone
    Nourishes and hydrates skin, heals dry patches
    Enriched with pure essential oils and botanicals
    Protects skin from harmful environmental factors
    Wipes off soft signs of premature skin ageing

  • Keya Seth Stopage V -Anti Aging Treatment 50g

    Product Features:

    A blend of five essential vitamins, pure essential oils & bio-derived hyaluronic acid for noticeably youthful skin
    Repairs all the “V” signs of skin ageing (wrinkles, fine lines, dullness, spots, uneven skin tone)
    Promotes faster renewal of skin cells, provides intense hydration, protects from environmental stress
    Hypoallergenic, rich formulation that shows quick results
    100% vegetarian, No animal testing

    Product Description:

    An Aromatherapy based, pure essential oil enriched innovative natural formula for arresting age. This hypoallergenic cream repairs fine lines & wrinkles, erases age spots, rejuvenates skin tone & gives a natural, healthy glow making the skin visibly softer, smoother, brighter & youthful. Along with the essential oils of Lavender, Clary sage & Frankincense STOPAGE V also contains a potent dose of Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Vitamin B2, B3 (Niacinamide) & B5. Essential peptides, Hyaluronic acid & Aloesin are the other distinct ingredients infused in the formula.
    Why you need Stopage V?

    Owing to a steady increase in air pollution and harsh climatic conditions our skin hydration level gets affected. Free radicals in addition with the adverse environmental conditions affect the skin, breaking down the natural protective skin barrier and slowing the natural skin repairing process. As a result, signs of premature skin ageing may start to appear even in your Twenties.

    Spot pigmentation, fine lines, wrinkles, uneven skin tone and dry, perched skin are only few of the signs that can steal the youthfulness of your skin. STOPAGE V – fortified with the benefits of different essential oils along with 5 vitamins is scientifically blended with selective natural moisturizers which on regular use decelerates premature skin ageing and reestablishes the natural reparative ability of the skin.
    How to use

    Stopage V should be used at least twice a day once in the morning and once at night before going to bed. It should not be used before sun exposure or attending kitchen work. Apply the cream on freshly cleansed face & neck, massage lightly in upward and outward direction. Always use Sunscreen before stepping out in sun.
    The Anti-Ageing regime

    First clean your face and neck area properly with the Fresh Look Lotus Face Wash & pat dry. Apply the Skin Hydrating Orange on dry skin and leave it on few seconds to sink in. Apply Stopage V lavishly to entire face and neck, massage lightly and live on. Follow this regime twice a day and always use Sunscreen before stepping out in sun.
    Stopage V promise
    How long it takes to show results?

    You will feel the difference from the very first use of Stopage V. Your skin will become more hydrated and soft within a day. Noticeable changes can be expected within 15 days to one month of regular use. Healing of dryness induced skin damage, smoothening of uneven skin tone are the primary effects to observe. Softening of fine lines, brighter and even skin tone, improved skin elasticity and tautness are some of the results that you can expect with regular use of at least 6 months. Continue using to make the results long lasting.
    The Actives You Should Know Of
    5 essential vitamins present in STOPAGE – V makes it a revolutionizing formulation for age control & age reversal. These vitamins not only erase the signs of skin aging by invigorating the natural process of elastin & collagen synthesis in the skin but also provides protection from the harmful environmental factors.

  • Keya Seth Stopage -Age Reversal Complex Night Cream 50g

    Pure & absolute essential oils of Lemon, Orange, Marjoram, Ylang Ylang, Patchouli & extracts of Amla, Green Tea, Gulancha, Carrot in a cream base
    A blend of pure & absolute essential oils & potent herbal extracts for reversing the signs of skin ageing
    Wipes off wrinkles, fine lines, dullness, dryness & uneven skin tone
    Provides intense hydration, heals dry, damaged ageing skin
    Nourishes & rejuvenates skin tone & texture
    Hypoallergenic rich formula, not tested on animals

    Direction of Use:

    Use twice a day on clean skin preferably after bath & before going to bed at night. Massage gently with upward circular motion. Should not be used before going out into the sun or attending kitchen.

    An age reversal complex that blends Aromatherapy with Ayurveda & brings to you the best of both the worlds for reversing visible signs of ageing on skin. This hypoallergenic cream repairs fine lines & wrinkles, rejuvenates skin tone & adds a healthy glow making the skin visibly softer, smoother & youthful.

    The magic of Aromatherapy for your skin

    Essential oils are known as the “soul molecules” of plants. Essential oils are also one of the few substances that actually penetrate the epidermis & reach the deeper layers of skin, thus providing visible results. STOPAGE is enriched with a blend of 5 essential oils, namely, Lemon, Orange, Marjoram, Ylang Ylang

    & Patchouli that are known for improving moisture retention in the skin, promoting cell regeneration, improving skin tone & texture.

    Lemon essential oil – Helps in toning sagging skin.

    Orange essential oil – Heals aged, rough & dry skin.

    Marjoram essential oil – Promotes healing of skin & connective tissues. Heals scars & wrinkles quickly.

    Ylang Ylang essential oil – Balances sebum production. Helps in moisture retention & softening of dry skin.

    Patchouli essential oils – Known for its remarkable cell regenerating & moisturizing properties.

    The power of Ayurveda to fight free radicals

    Traditional ayurvedic formulas are one of the best kept beauty secrets of India. STOPAGE includes a potent mixture of plant ingredients like, Indian gooseberry, Green tea extract & Carrot extract that are scientifically proven to have age arresting properties. Indian Gooseberry or Amla is an excellent natural source of Vitamin C which fights free radicals & protects skin from damaging effects of environmental factors. Anti-oxidants present in green tea extract & carrot helps in repairing skin tissues & protects the skin against harmful sun rays. As a result, dry, damaged skin is healed & the signs of ageing are wiped off from skin with regular use of STOPAGE.

    Skin is not unlike the other parts of human body. Thus skin too ages like the other parts of our body. We cannot prevent skin from ageing chronologically but pre-mature ageing of skin can be checked and the signs of ageing can be kept at bay through regular standardized care. THEORETICALLY SPEAKING, THE REASONS BEHIND THE AGEING OF THE SKIN ARE – Free radicals, DNA degeneration and regeneration, cellular clock, chronological age clock, glycation and its brackets and continuous production of heat and energy by mitochondria. The ingredients of ‘STOPAGE’ fights the causes of pre-mature ageing in a natural and scientific way and helps to regenerate skin by nourishing it naturally. It makes skin soft, healthy, beautiful -wiping out the traces of ageing.
    Stopage -Age Reversal Complex Night Cream || Enriched with Ylang Ylang & Patchouli has a rating of 4.9 stars based on 22 reviews.

  • Keya Seth Skin Damage Control Cream (Papaya Oil Free)

    Key Ingredients: Essential oils of frankincense, grape seed oil, jojoba oil & papaya extracts

    An aromatherapy based, effective solution for skin damagecontrol

    Moisturizing, light weight formula enriched with essential oils

    Controls &repairs skin damage caused by harmful environmental factors

    In the dry, rough weather of winter even oily skin infested with pimples or rash turn dry but no cream can be used. This oil-free cream is suitable forthe damage control of such skin.

    Promotes natural skin cell turnover rate, fights dullness& uneven skin tone, aromatic serum enhances effectiveness

    Nourishing, hypoallergenic formula, suitable for all skin types
    How to Use:

    Face, neck and other areas of the body that turn dry in winter, can be lightly massaged with this ‘Skin Damage Control Cream’. For best results use it once after bath and once before going to bed.

    Take 1-2gm of the cream on your clean palm. Add 1-2 drops of the aromatic serum to the cream, mix well. Use twice a day on clean skin preferably after bath & before going to bed at night. Massage lightly, in circular motion. Feel the difference with regular use.

    Product Description

    A perfect daily use formula enriched with frankincenseessential oil, grape seed oil, jojoba oil & papaya extract for nourished, soft & healthy skin that can fight harmful effects of environmental agents with ease retaining its natural brightness.

    Perfect Addition to your regular Beauty Regime

    Daily skin care is more important than ‘once in a blue moon’ parlor treatment. Hence Keya Seth has brought to you daily skin care products that offer benefits of expensive treatments at home. Aromatic Skin Damage Control Cream makes a perfect addition to your daily skin care regime for every season. It provides deep hydration, protects from environmental stress& keeps skin healthy.
    Skin Damage Control Cream, Enriched with Frankincense,Grape seed,Payapa Extract and Jojoba Oil has a rating of 4.9 stars based on 11 reviews.

  • Keya Seth Oxy De Tan Pack 50g

    An effective face pack for instant tan removal
    Enriched with essential oils of clove & camphor
    Reduces excess melanin & helps in removing unwanted spots & pigmentation
    Improves skin tone & texture
    Provides effective protection from damaging effects of sun rays
    Removes deep set tan with regular use, improves skin texture
    Gives fresh, radiant, even-toned skin

  • Keya Seth Fairy Pack Fairness Enhancer 100g

    Brand:Keya Seth

    Contains completely natural, Aromatherapy & Ayurveda based nourishing fairness agents

    Improves skin tone & texture with regular use

    Moisturizes & nourishes the skin

    Helps reducing unwanted pigmentation, freckles &blemishes

    Controls wrinkles,makes the skin softer & smoother

    An effective natural formulation that provides the benefits of both aromatherapy & Ayurveda. Enriched with the proven skin nourishing fairness secrets of nature, the Fairy Pack by Keya Seth Aromatherapy offers fairer & brighter skin without side effects & also offers anti-ageing benefits.

    Key Ingredients : Turmeric, Sandalwood, Carrot seed, Saffron, Almond, Orange peel, Apricot, Aloe Vera, Chironji (Buchananialanzan), Calamine.

    Direction of Use: Mix five drops of the Fairy Pack Solution (provided with the Fairy Pack bottle) with 1 spoon of the Fairy Pack powder. Add sufficient water to make a paste. For dry skin you can also use Keya Seth Orange Water toner instead of plain water. Apply the pack onto the face, neck & bare parts of the body. Leave on for 10-15 minutes, wash off with plain water. For best results use on alternate days or as required.

    It contains turmeric, sandal, carrot seed, almond, orange peel, chiranji or chirauli (Buchanania lanzan Spreng), apricot, aloe vera, calamine etc. Regular use of this aroma faimess pack protect skin against tanning and also pigmentation, freckles and pre-mature wrinkles. Skin becomes soft, firm and lively. It is suitable for all types of skin.


    Use this pack thrice a week.Take measures quantity of ‘Fairy Pack’ powder, dissolve the powder and solution provided (Add 1 teaspoonful of powder to 5 drops of solution and maintain this ratio) in water. Apply this pack on your face. Wash face with clean water after it dries up. Now, according to your skin type, use Neem, rose, orange or lavender water for toning. For even better results use ‘Touch-N-Glow’ and ‘Fair & Bright’.

    Brighter, spot free skin naturally

    Enjoy spot free&brighter skin with essential oils& known natural fairness agents enriched Keya Seth Fairy Pack. A revolutionary Aromatherapy & Ayurveda based formulation infused with pure essential oils &ingredients like Turmeric, Sandalwood, Carrot seed, Saffron, Almond, Orange peel, Apricot, Aloe Vera, Chironji (Buchananialanzan) & Calamine thatsoothes, nourishes, lightens& brightens the skin tone, giving you noticeably radiant skin within weeks. The Fairy Pack solution (provided) enhances the effectiveness of the dry pack. It also provides anti-ageing benefits & helps in erasing wrinkles & age spots with regular use.

  • Keya Seth Envie Pearl Facial Kit 23g

    Key Ingredients: Pure pearl dust,essential oils of Chamomile, geranium, lavender, bergamot &Rosemary.

    Infused with real pearl dust for pearly fairness & glow

    Hydrates & rejuvenates skin at the cellular level

    Contains pure essential oils

    The 5-step kit comes with,PearlFacial Polisher, PearlToning Gel, Pearl Massage Cream, Pearl Face Pack &Pearl Nourishing Cream

    Lightens blemishes, brightens skin tone, instills life in dull tired skin, makes skin softer& smoother

    Product Description

    Envie Pearl Facial carries the secret of the oceans, the real pearls to rejuvenate your skin at the cellular level. Pearl dust combined with pure essential oil blends hydrates & softens the skin adding a natural pearl like luminosity. It improves skin texture, lightens & brightens skin tone.

    Direction of Use:

    Pearl Facial Polisher –Apply all over your face & massage gently for a minute. Wash off with plenty of water.

    Pearl Facial Toning Gel – Apply & leave on for 10-15 minutes.

    Pearl Facial Massage Cream – Massage for 10-15 minutes & wipe off with a damp cotton ball.

    Pearl Facial Pack – Apply the pack all over your face with a brush & leave on for 15 minutes before washing off with plain water.

    Pearl Facial Nourishing Cream – Apply & massage lightly all over your face & enjoy the radiance.

    Benefits at a glance

    PearlFacial Polisher – Gently exfoliates skin, improvesskin texture & penetration of the topical treatments to be applied next.

    Pearl Facial Toning Gel – Tones, tightens& lightens skin, improves skin texture, boosts skin hydration.

    Pearl Facial Massage Cream — Aneffective skin replenishing formula forrestoringlost moisture. It improves circulation on skinmaking it softer& radiant. Also helps in tightening sagging skin.

    Pearl Facial Pack – Pearl dust& essential oil infused facepack that accelerates cell regeneration & controlsvisible signs of skin ageing. Helps in toning & tightening the skin.

    Pearl Facial Nourishing Cream – This nourishing cream completes the facial,leaving skin soft, supple & luminous like the pearl.

    Pearl, the mystery of oceans, has a long history of uses in skin care, confirmed by ancient literature. A blend of pure natural pearl with effective essential oils and fresh herbs, rejuvenate and nourishes your skin to give you a lustrous look.

  • Keya Seth Envie Gold 24 karot Facial Kit 23g

    Key Ingredients: 24 Carat Gold Dust & Gold Leaves, Essential oils of Neroli, Cedarwood, Angelica &YlangYlang. Extracts of Aloe Vera, Yashtimadhu, Ashwagandha,Grapes etc.

    A century old Ayurvedic treatment for balancing skin & adding extra glow

    Infused with 24 carat pure gold dust & gold leaf

    Contains pure essential oils &potent botanical extracts

    The kit contains,Gold Facial Polisher, Gold Toning Gel, Gold Massage Cream, Gold Face Pack & Gold Nourishing Cream

    Nourishes & rejuvenates skin, improves skin elasticity, reduces appearance of fine lines & wrinkles, adds instant glow to the skin

    Based upon centuries old Ayurvedic therapies that support, balance and bliss in your life, this gold facial is for extra glow. Created by pure and original 24 carat gold dust, fresh green herbs and selected essential oils ‘Envie’ Gold Kit is a marvel of its kind.
    How to Use:

    1.Pure Gold Facial Polisher:Lightly apply and massage it gently all over your face for I minute and wash it with clean water.
    2.Pure Gold Facial Toning Gel: Spread it on your face softly and keep it for 10 — I 5 minutes. A valuable complex formulation of pure gold and herbs to facilitate the removal of dead cells and impurities – Gold helps in improving skin texture thereby making the skin appear soft and smooth.
    3.Pure Gold Facial Massage Cream: A powerful rejuvenating pure gold massage cream that helps to improve blood circulation and restores softness and radiance. It promotes cell regeneration and brings glow to the skin. The precious botanicals and essential oils help to restore the moisture balance to the skin and improves skin’s elasticity. Apply and massage your skin for I 0— I 5 minutes and then wipe it off with damp cotton.
    4.Pure Gold Facial Pack: It is an exclusive and powerful facial pack which helps to accelerate the regeneration of new cells, improves skin elasticity, rejuvenates the skin and slows visible signs of aging, reduces the appearance of lines and wrinkles giving skin a clear look. Apply the pack all over your face with finger tips or brush and wait for I 5 minutes. Then wash your face with plain water.
    5.Pure Gold Facial Nourishing Cream: As for the last step, apply the nourishing cream lightly all over your face and massage gently. You will feel an instant glow and experience a fairer, lighter complexion.
    Key Ingredient: 24 carat gold dust and leaves, essential oils of neroli, cedarwood, ancalika, ylang ylang, fresh herbs of aloevera, Yasti madhu, Ashwagandha, grape extract etc.

  • Keya Seth Aromatic Wrinkle Control Cream 45g

    Ingredients: Extracts of green grapes, orange peel, lemon peel with carrot seed, cedarwood & Wheatgerm oil in a cream base.

    An aromatherapy based innovative formulation for wrinkle control

    Enriched with natural Alpha Hydroxy Acid

    Provides hydration, helps in healing dryskin, Improves skin texture

    Combines Aromatic Wrinkle Control Serum to deliverquick results

    Hypoallergenicrich formula, not tested on animals

    It is rich in green grapes, orange peel, lemon peel extract and carrot seed, sandalwood and wheat germ oil. Since it is prepared from extracts of citrus fruits, it supplies alpha hydroxy acid to skin and prevents appearance of wrinkles. Its anti-oxidant formula makes skin shiny, young, bright and beautiful.


    Use it twice a day – once in the daytime and once at bedtime. Do not forget to wash your face with ‘Fresh Look’ face wash before using it.

    Take 1-2 gm of the cream on your clean palm. Add 1-2 drops of the aromatic wrinkle control serum to it. Mix well &apply onto your face & neck. Massage in a gentle circular motion till the cream is fully absorbed.Use twice a day on clean skin preferably after bath & before going to bed at night.

    Product Description

    A perfect blend of essential oils& herbal extracts for effective wrinkle & fine linecontrol. This aromatherapy based rich cream resolves skin dryness, triggers cell turnover rate& helps in skin rejuvenation.

    Control skin wrinkles with aromatherapy

    Aromatic Wrinkle Control Cream has been formulated with pure essential oils of cedarwood & carrot seed to ensure that your skin is nourished from within. The formula also contains wheat germ oil, which has proven skin healing properties. These oils keep the skin hydrated & help in invigorating the natural skin renewal process, thus controlling as well as minimizing wrinkles & fine lines. Green grapes, orange peel & lemon peel extracts supply anti-oxidants to the skin, combating the free radicals, a major cause of skin wrinkle formation. Extract of these citrus fruits also supply Alpha Hydroxy Acid to the skin, which minimizes the appearance of skin wrinkles, also prevents skin damage.As a result, you get nourished & soft skin free from fine lines.

    Banish skin dryness with age control benefits

    Skin dryness is one of the primary reasons of wrinkle & fine line formation. Aromatic Wrinkle Control Cream banishes skin dryness with its essential oil enriched formula that is quickly absorbed into the skin & reaches the deeper skin layers, nourishing it from within. The rich, cream based product also helps in rejuvenating the skin by triggering the natural repairing mechanism. So, stop worrying about the wrinkles & enjoy a smoother, naturally brighter& wrinkle free skin with Aromatic Wrinkle Control Cream.
    Aromatic Wrinkle Control Cream with Extracts of green grapes, orange peel, lemon peel with carrot seed, cedarwood & Wheatgerm oi has a rating of 4.2 stars based on 6 reviews.

  • Keya Seth Hair Spa Premium ((For Dry Hair))

    Helps in removing dryness & dullness of hair and provides total nourishment to hair from root to end.Now have the spa done at home and get soft,smooth and bouncy hair in matter of minutes.

  • Keya Seth Hair Spa Premium (For Weak Hair)

    Helps in removing dryness & dullness of hair and provides total nourishment to hair from root to end.Now have the spa done at home and get soft,smooth and bouncy hair in matter of minutes.Hair Spa Premium (For Weak Hair) II Total nourishment to hair from root to end has a rating of 4.8 stars based on 14 reviews.

  • Keya Seth Black Shine Hair Oil – 100ml

    This Black Shine oil is very reliable for makes grey hair black. Its non- oily and non sticky hair oil.

    A bland of jatamansi, Henna, Ratanjot, Kesut, Amla, Ritha, Shikakai,clary sage, frankincense, Patchouli, vetiver essentials oil. This Unique Oil Emulsion makes hair mare thicker and black naturally.

  • Keya Seth Aromatic Spa Conditioning Hair Serum Enriched

    Key Ingredients1:

    An essential oil based hair serum with SPF 15for hair damage control

    Restores dry, rough & damaged hair, prevents hair breakage

    Protects hair from every day menace of smoke,dust and exposure to environmental pollution

    Enriched with pure essential oils of lemon, orange, rose, lavender, cedarwood and geranium

    Brings back softness, shine, glow and health to damaged hair, making it silky smooth

    Protect hair from damage due to the every day menace of smoke,dust and exposure to environmental pollution. It contains various essential oils, e.g, lemon, orange, rose, lavender, cedar wood and geranium. It has the power to restore dry, rought, lack-lustre and damaged hair or hair damaged and made lifeless due to perming, colouring or artificial straightening over a long period of time. Regular use of the serum brings back softness, shine, glow and health to damaged hair making it silky smooth.
    How to Use:

    Depending on the length of the hair, this serum is to be applied on dry hair every day. Instantly your hair will have a beautiful shine. This serum can be used by those who cannot regularly wet their hair.

    Take two to three spritz of the Aromatic Spa Hair Conditioning serum on your palm depending on the hair length &volume. Apply onto your clean & dry or semi dry hair, from root to tip.Leave on. It can also be used with Premium Hair Spa for Weak hair.

    Product Description

    An essential oil enriched hair serum that restores dry, damaged hair & protects from environmental extremities.Regular use of Aromatic Spa Hair Conditioning Serum brings back smoothness, luster and health to weak, frizzy, dry& damagedhair.

    First hair serum with essential oils

    Essential oils are considered as the most powerful molecules of nature & the Aromatic Hair Conditioning Spa Serum infuses essential oil blends praised overthe centuries for their fascinating hair nourishing & protective properties. Pure essential oils of lemon, orange, rose, lavender, cedarwood and geranium gives this innovative serum the ability to restore dry, damaged & brittle hair to their previous strong & healthy condition. These essential oils make hair soft, shiny & healthy from the core. SPF 15 ensures protection from the harmful sunrays that can induce pre-mature hair greying & hair damage. This hair serum is also ideal for adding longevity to hair color.

    Intensive carefor damaged Hair

    Heat, pollution& harmful environmental factors take a serious toll on hair, making it dry, rough & brittle. This is why your hair needs care that makes it strong from inside out. Essential oil blend infused Aromatic Spa Hair Conditioning Serum has been formulated to restore damaged hair & also to protect from environmental extremities. Presence of SPF 15prevents drying & bleaching effects of the sunrays, which is a common cause of premature hair greying. Aromatic Spa Hair Conditioning Serum brings back softness, sheen and health to weak, dry & damaged hair.
    Aromatic Spa Conditioning Hair Serum Enriched with pure essential oils of lemon, orange, rose, lavender, cedarwood and geranium has a rating of 4.9 stars based on 14 reviews.


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